Monday, May 25, 2015

Ronnie & Danielle Wedding Day

I have to say that when I am scheduled to photograph a wedding in Berlin it really is a special time for me. I started out my photography business while living in Berlin for 6 1/2 years. After not living in town for the past few years I still keep ties and get many requests for weddings each year to go up and shoot. Often it's the same families that hire you back when word of mouth spreads, a cousin is getting married or I would shoot a sister's wedding this year and a brother's next. I respect and thank my Berlin (North Country) clients for helping me get this far and keeping me in mind for your family & friends weddings and as long as you keep hiring me I'll be happy to come 'home' and capture your memories. On that note a super fantastic and fun couple I wish Ronnie and Danielle the best in their future together as husband and wife! A real good time in shooting your wedding today. Stay tuned for more preview pics in the coming days.

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