Monday, March 4, 2013

Trash the Dress

First ever trash the dress photo shoot in Jamaica. I enjoyed my time with Holly and Joel this past trip. They were very nice and very enthusiastic about all my ideas. I worked very hard to capture some of the best photography that I have done to date with both their wedding & trash the dress photo shoot. The wedding itself was very nice. Great location and on the beach. A beach wedding however did prove to be very exhausting because not only are you dealing with the high temps and sun but also working in sand is hard on your joints and feet!! The day after their lovely destination wedding we got together for about 1 and a half hours to shoot a 'bridal party' trash the dress. The entire bridal party agreed to be a part of the photo shoot which in my opinion is a very fun and unique opportunity. We started out doing some formal type stuff in the pool and then moved our way to the ocean. I did also capture the entire wedding party jumping in the pool as the bride and groom watched poolside! Quite fun. Once done with the wedding party I had the couple to look as if I wasn't even there for some of the shots I got to show more emotional connection between them. We walked by the beach and luckily we had a decent sunset to get their silhouettes with the golden sunset behind. A much more candid and relaxed time and some great memories captured for them.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Joel & Holly Destination Wedding Jamaica

A dream wedding in Jamaica for Joel & Holly. About a year ago they asked me if I would be their photographer and I said I would. My first destination wedding. A beach wedding. The time came and we made it a mini-vacation as well. The wedding was great and picturesque as you would expect. The sky was blue and the sand was warm. Congratulations to them.