Monday, July 27, 2015

Courtney & John Wedding Woodbound Inn

Don't worry..they got each other's backs - that's what a marriage is supposed to be about isn't it? Supporting each other. John & Courtney are displaying just that in this cute little photo that we got today in Rindge, NH. A real country wedding from the vests the gentlemen were wearing to the music played at the reception time. I figured this preview up against this old wood shed would fit the theme as well! Congratulations to them both.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Kristen & Tommy Esession

The second engagement shoot today was that of Tommy & Kristen! One of the key things a engagement shoot does is it's a great ice-breaker along with gathering details about the big day. That we saw from both couples today as in the first the groom was a bit shy and in the second shoot the bride. Once we get going though a fun time had by all...and all nerves set aside for a good time. Looking forward to capturing their awesome wedding day in just 2 short months from now!!

Mallory and Jon Esession

First time professional pics is the best time..well not really cause all shoots are the best time with MRD Photography! smile emoticon Mallory and Jon came from Manchester today for a free engagement picture session that comes with all wedding packages. Their wedding not till 2016 but always good to get another wedding chore done off that long list of things to do!

Mary & Ray Wedding

Picture Perfect - Prescott Park in Portsmouth, New Hampshire provided some of the background scenery for the wedding photos of Mary & Ray. Today was a photographers dream with regards to picture taking as it wasn't too hot and no sun was was visible! Not to mention the morning rain made all the colors vibrant and pop with color. Congratulations to Mary & Ray!